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Listings for Turkey Calls (18)



Strychnine 3 Reed Combo Cut

Strychnine Out of the original 3 reed Poison series, the Strychnine is a combo cut that features a half moon on one side and half of a V cut on the other. A...

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Misery 2 Reed Combo Cut

Misery Out of the 2 reed Pain series, the Misery sports a combo cut that makes it very versatile. The little brother to the Strychnine, this is a good turke...

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Agony 2-Reed V-Cut

Agony Out of the 2 reed Pain series, Agony is a classic V Cut. The little brother to the Anthrax, this is a good do it all call for the guys who favor a 2 ...

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Signature Series Cherry Aluminum

Signature Series Cherry Aluminum Just when they thought it couldn’t get any better, they did it again. Take their unique cherry pot with a laser engraved ch...

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The Haint Gobble Call Polycarb

The Haint Gobble Call Polycarb The Haint Gobble Call Polycarb has a one piece Polycarbonate barrel with a hand-tuned reed assembly. Simple to use, hunters ...

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Haint Gobble Call Walnut

The Haint Gobble Call Walnut The Haint Gobble Call Walnut has a one piece walnut barrel with a hand tuned reed assembly. Simple to use, hunters can be runn...

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Killer Bat – Turkey Mouth Call

3 Reed Bat-wing Cut This is a heavy version of our Induced Coma. Takes more air but has excellent volume for loud cutting and yelping.

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Bangin Pink – Turkey Mouth Call

This is a 3 reed vampire cut call that is super raspy and takes very little air. Excellent purrs, and nasty, raspy yelps!

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Decals – Bangin Redhedz Turkey Gear – 3×5

3-inch x 5-inch window decal. Show the passion you have for Bangin.

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Two-piece striker for friction calls – Walnut/Maple Wood

Oak/Walnut supplied with the purchase of friction call, also sold separately

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